Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Want happier customers and more market share for your business? READ ON!

Virtually every business, large and small, has a website these days, right? In this age of information overload, every business should ask the question, "What is the function of our website?" Is its purpose to provide information about products or services? Does the website provide contact information should a prospect decide to place a phone call or make a personal visit? Is the website an online ordering system? Perhaps all the above, but there's something fundamental that's missing on many business websites. Are you ready for it? The answer is video. Personal, invitational video.

Do you have video on your business website? If not, here are a few staggering statistics that will convince you to think about it more seriously:

• Online video is the fastest growing media platform in history

• 72% of U.S. web users are watching clips online, putting web video ahead of blogging and social networking, making it the leading social media platform

Think about when someone refers a business to you. Oftentimes, the first thing you do is Google the business and then go to their website (I know that's what I do).

When a prospect goes to your website, what do they see? Some words and some pictures (probably stock photos)?

Keep this in mind: People do business with PEOPLE. Give them YOU. Video does that.

Let us create some web video for you. Whether it's you talking about your business, or even better, a customer testimonial endorsing your products or services, it'll make your website much more personable. People will better understand what you do and will feel more comfortable to buy from you and refer business to you. Not only that, but you'll stand out from your competition.

Happy customers and increased market share. Isn't this why you got in business in the first place? Give us a call today. (816) 246-8888. We're ready to help.

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