Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Want happier customers and more market share for your business? READ ON!

Virtually every business, large and small, has a website these days, right? In this age of information overload, every business should ask the question, "What is the function of our website?" Is its purpose to provide information about products or services? Does the website provide contact information should a prospect decide to place a phone call or make a personal visit? Is the website an online ordering system? Perhaps all the above, but there's something fundamental that's missing on many business websites. Are you ready for it? The answer is video. Personal, invitational video.

Do you have video on your business website? If not, here are a few staggering statistics that will convince you to think about it more seriously:

• Online video is the fastest growing media platform in history

• 72% of U.S. web users are watching clips online, putting web video ahead of blogging and social networking, making it the leading social media platform

Think about when someone refers a business to you. Oftentimes, the first thing you do is Google the business and then go to their website (I know that's what I do).

When a prospect goes to your website, what do they see? Some words and some pictures (probably stock photos)?

Keep this in mind: People do business with PEOPLE. Give them YOU. Video does that.

Let us create some web video for you. Whether it's you talking about your business, or even better, a customer testimonial endorsing your products or services, it'll make your website much more personable. People will better understand what you do and will feel more comfortable to buy from you and refer business to you. Not only that, but you'll stand out from your competition.

Happy customers and increased market share. Isn't this why you got in business in the first place? Give us a call today. (816) 246-8888. We're ready to help.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Home Video Studio of Lee's Summit is featured in the July 2010 issue of "Small Business Opportunities" magazine

This morning Steve Dalbec put his shoes on, walked into the decked-out Home Video Studio in his suburban Denver residence and began his day’s work by firing up the rack of equipment that is part and parcel of his trade. At that moment his colleague, Chad Godfrey pulled into a parking space near his suburban Kansas City storefront, admired the Home Video Studio sign adorning the front of his business, and smiled with pride as he unlocked the door and turned on the lights.

Dalbec and Godfrey are both owners of Home Video Studio franchises - the world’s largest franchisor of video services businesses with locations across the nation as well as Canada and Sweden.

This afternoon Steve received a hearty “thank-you” from a proud dad watching his daughter’s basketball scholarship video, knowing her chances of going to college have just improved greatly. Chad will shortly get an appreciative squeeze of his hand from an eighty-four year old great-grandmother who thought her old 8mm film and the precious images it holds was lost forever.

Steve and Chad stand ready with the equipment and know-how it takes to provide twenty-seven video services for consumers and corporations, including video production, editing and graphics design, DVD and CD Duplication, Video to DVD transfers, Photo Video Keepsake montages, Greenscreen Videography, Sports Videos and Corporate/Organizational videos.

This evening Steve will sit in his home office counting his receipts and remembering his satisfied customers. Chad will lock his storefront, think of the lives he touched and take his deposits to the bank. Steve Dalbec recently had a $25,547 month. Grossing between $5,000 and $7,000 a week is not uncommon with Chad Godfrey, whose best week ever was over $15,000!

This is a tale of two successful Home Video Studio owners with the same happy ending. Steve and Chad make money in a fulfilling and much needed service by providing “Video Services for Everyone.” How do they do it?

For starters the raw material is everywhere – ready to be duplicated, changed to a more modern format, or created into something entirely new. Who doesn’t have old photos, videos, 8mm and 16mm film or DVD’s? Who doesn’t worry that their memories might fall victim to time and elements? Who doesn’t have a dream to create something touching and meaningful from these contents? “We work with our customers’ needs at any and every step of the way,” says founder and president of Home Video Studio Robert Hanley. “From something as simple as a copy of a wedding to a complex creative masterpiece we have the means to give the customer what they need. This is why we say “Video Services for Everyone.”

But even the most abundant of raw material needs to be mined. This is where the marketing experience of Robert Hanley and the support team at Home Video Studio headquarters really shine.

“Around here we say, You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself,” says Chad. “Robert Hanley and the franchise team have a lot to do with our success. The franchise is a ‘video business system’ that’s proven and works very well, just like plugging into a conduit flowing with electricity. Their training and constant encouragement are there to always keep us focused on what’s important, the fundamentals of running the business to constantly keep it successful.”

Steve notes, “By having the equipment that I have, coupled with the unparalleled training that Home Video Studio provides throughout the year I have found a way to make money at providing video services. I have not only learned technical skills, but marketing skills through the support system of Home Video Studio.” Although Steve and Chad are both Home Video Studio franchisees they turned their passion into a profitable business in two different ways. Steve came to the Home Video Studio family after a thirty year career at UPS, where, as an industrial engineer he diagnosed data and planned for expansion. The son of a professional photographer, however, he always harbored a passion for media. This led him to shooting and editing his kids’ scouts, dance and sports events. When Dalbec spotted an ad for Home Video Studio he saw examples of people who had turned this same passion for video into a business. “That ad, coupled with certain events that demanded that we move back home to Colorado helped me decide to remake a career as well,” says Dalbec.

That decision paid off. Besides posting a record year in sales, Steve has also taken home some prizes for his video excellence at the Hanley Awards, Home Video Studio’s annual awards program. Most notably Steve garnered Rookie of the year, Rookie Video of the Year and The Rising Star Award.

Always a creative guy Chad has loved being in video production for a large part of his life. Looking for a business framework for success he found it five years ago in Home Video Studio. He started part-time but decided to go full time within five months. Chad has never looked back, garnering Rookie of the Year in 2005, Studio Owner of the Year 2006, and the President’s Award in 2007. Chad also has thirty-one Hanley Awards. On the roster of the top sales performers nearly every week, he is particularly excited about his new storefront, which opened in July of 2009. That first month saw over $19,000.00 in sales! This beautiful new location boasts many amenities including a front reception area, an edit suite, and a production/shooting area.

What does the future hold for these two Home Video Studio owners? Steve aptly sums it up: “I literally believe that everyone is my customer,” says Steve. “Unless you’re a hermit or a spinster you most likely have a need for what I do. We live in such a video age that with hard work plus the visibility, support and ongoing training I receive as a Home Video Studio owner I should stay busy for a long time to come.”


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Get Your Business Noticed and Rank #1 on Google

If you're a business owner or in marketing or sales, you desire only the best for business. When people search for your products or services on the internet, do they find you quickly or are you lost in a sea of thousands of others competing for what you do? Want Page 1 search engine result rankings? Of course you do; we all do. It's the holy grail on the web for sure.

What if I were to tell you of a little known way that profoundly increases your odds of getting a Page 1 search engine result – might that be of interest? I thought so.

The answer is video. But not just any old video. It has to be search engine optimized video. Properly post that, and according to a recent study by Forrester Research, you stand a 53 times better chance of getting a Page 1 Google ranking.

Here's how we can help:

First of all, as you know, we create national award-winning video. Our videos grab the attention of your prospect or customer. They move people and call them to action, whether it be to call you for an appointment or to donate to your non-profit right online. In fact, research indicates that if you have video on your homepage, up to 80% of your visitors will click that first. So, you know it's gotta be good!

Once the video is created, it's posted prominently on your site. We send your video to your webmaster at the highest quality, or if you need help, we post it for you.

Once posted, we help you SEO it (Search Engine Optimization) and submit it with key words, phrases, and captions that make your video standout on Google and the other search engines.

This is all part of the Home Video Studio difference, not only great video but video that gets YOU noticed.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call or email us today so we can help you with your 2010 sales and marketing goals. 816.246.8888. chad@homevideostudio.com