Monday, November 3, 2008

Creating Memorable Experiences

Can you believe it's November already?  Fall has seemed to blaze by so quickly this year!  With October behind us, we have entered our Christmas season at Home Video Studio and it's in full force.  You might ask, "What service offerings are popular at Christmas time?"  Thanks for asking!

First, let's talk about who our services are for.  Well, they're for everyone of course, but during Christmas they happen to be great for those who either have everything or for those you just don't know what to buy for like your mom or dad, your brother(s) and/or sister(s), grandparents, kids, boss, employees, etc.  Give them the gift of their memories!  As the graphic says, "It's time to go digital!  Transfer your photos, slides, videos, and film to DVD!"  

At Home Video Studio, we are creators and changers of content.  We shoot, edit, transfer, and duplicate video each and every day.  Daily, people bring in a myriad of obsolete formats as well as new and up-to-date media.  Customers bring in boxes and bags of old photos and home movies from 50 years ago.  Others bring in memory cards, tapes, and discs containing digital pictures and video they just shot yesterday.  We take this "content" in whatever format it may be, edit it, duplicate it, or simply update it to today's latest-greatest technology.  A perfect example is the migration of your family's old VHS videotapes to DVD or the conversion of your audio cassettes or LPs to compact disc (or to your iPod Touch or other MP3 player, for that matter).  We have equipment to handle any format.  Betamax?  Yep.  Super-8mm or 16mm with sound?  Absolutely!  Broadcast audio and video formats?  Those too.  We like to say, "If you can see it or hear it, we can produce (or reproduce) it!"    

Do you have old tapes of your kids (or when you were a kid) that no one watches because you no longer have a player that works?  Perhaps you and your siblings can go in together on a gift for your parents that includes a DVD of old photos or slides and their favorite music from the good ol' days.

One of the greatest parts of our job is seeing and hearing the impact our work has on the lives of others.  We like hearing about the kids that watch the DVDs of their parents and grandparents from long ago ("Wow grandma, you really did look like mom back then!").  How joyful (and tearful) one of our customers was who stumbled upon an old 78 record of her father speaking to her mother while he was stationed overseas during WWII.  Her father died in the war when our customer was very young.  While she'd seen pictures of him, she had never really heard his voice.  

Stories like this happen quite often in our studio.  Where are your treasured memories?   I'd venture to say they're in boxes in the attic, basement, or closet somewhere.  As you're thinking about what to give and who to give to this year, why not make it memorable?  Give me a call.  I'm ready to create another memorable experience.